The Diocese of Panevėžys


The Curia of Panevėžys Diocese

Upytės g. 3
LT–35248 Panevėžys
Tel. + 370 45 43 51 56
Fax: + 370 45 50 04 07

The Diocese was established on April 4, 1926. It became the part of Vilnius Church province on December 19, 1991. Since January 5, 2002 the Diocese is managed by the Bishop Jonas Kauneckas.

The territory of Panevėžys Diocese covers the North Eastern part of Lithuania. In the West it borders the Diocese of Šiauliai, in the South West - the Diocese of Kaunas and in the South East it borders the Dioceses of Kaišiadorys and Vilnius.

It occupies the area of 13 000 sq. km. In accordance to the data of population census of 2002, 405 500 of inhabitants used to live in the Diocese. 333 300 of them considered themselves Catholics.

Panevėžys Diocese is divided into 9 deaneries: Anykščai, Biržai, Krekenava, Kupiškis, Panevėžys, Pasvalys, Rokiškis, Utena, Zarasai.

The Diocese is comprised of 112 parishes, which are served by 99 diocese priests and 5 priests-monks.

Several institutes of religious congregations are established in the Diocese: the Congregation of the Divine Sisters, the Congregation of St. Catherine, the Congregation of St. Mary the Virgin, the Community of Tiberiade, the Community of Word Incarnation, the Congregation of St. Mary the Virgin of the Marian Brothers. The centres of soul guiding and charity are functioning in Panevėžys. The centres with different charity functions are working. These are the Home for Elderly Care, Nursery Hospital, Children‘s Home, 8 canteens, a pharmacy.

The Youth Centre of the Diocese takes care of coordination of activities of youth soul guiding and children/youth catholic organizations.

The Family Centre prepares the engaged for the Sacrament of Matrimony. Besides this activity, the centre coordinates the centres of families of deaneries, organizes discussions with youth about sexual morality and family ethics, and provides psychological help.

The Centre of Catechesis coordinates the lessons of religion at school and the parish, takes care of comprehensive education of teachers of Religion, provides the help with methods, organises seminars, recollections.

4 State Catholic Schools are functioning in Panevėžys Diocese: Panevėžys Secondary School named after Kazimieras Paltarokas, Panevėžys Technological School named after Margarita Rimkevičaitė, Panevėžys Deaf and Semi-Deaf Basic School and Utena „Saulės“ Gymnasium.